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We are family owned and operated business with over 14 years of experience and have a 70%-80% repeat customers which is unheard of in the service industry. We feel the reason for such great repeat business is first to our quality of work, second our customer service, and last is because the customer can tell we take pride in our work. Mint Carpet Cleaners treats everybody the way we would like someone to treat us.

Carpets are expensive to invest in. So, to avoid replacing one’s carpet time and again is a big hit on the pocket, therefore it becomes a necessity to take proper care of it. The only fact that will contribute to the longer life of one’s carpet is regularly cleaning it thoroughly. And thus comes in picture the importance of professional carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning companies maintains the carpets and the mattress properly since they know the exact techniques of cleaning them. They have complete cleaning equipments and solutions that do deep down the fabric and remove the inside dirt which cannot be cleaned with the normal cleaning procedure done at home. The carpet cleaning companies indeed help in keeping one’s carpets absolutely tidy and brand new.

A regular cleaning process at home which isn’t the professional one can help in keeping one’s carpet clean however it can still not beat the carpet cleaner’s professional services and the deeper cleaning processes. The equipments used by the companies are much stronger than the regular hand wash at home. The equipment motor is more powerful, the equipment itself is much stronger, the water is heated better, and the professionals carrying out the entire process are much more skilled. One can just not go wrong with the carpet cleaning services. They provide extreme care and precision when it comes to handling the entire cleaning processes.

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